The most beautiful destinations for 2020


More than 50 million tourists visit Spain annually due to the tourist qualifications it has such as castles, palaces, museums, churches, mosques and other ancient historical monuments witnessing the ancient history of Spain, as it has a beautiful Mediterranean nature, especially its golden beaches and flowering gardens. Even in January, Spain is an ideal destination for the whole family, as its climate is warm.

Thailand is among the most popular Asian countries, wonderful atmosphere, unique culture and friendly people. Thailand is an ideal destination for couples and young adults, and it is also suitable for January with a tropical climate. Thailand has many wonderful tourist places such as temples, shrines, palaces, gardens, etc., and the Thai cuisine is world famous, as the best dishes can be tasted in the various restaurants spread across the country.
The Maldives

The Maldives is an ideal destination for lovers of recreation in luxury resorts as well as for water sports enthusiasts, and tourists can visit throughout the year, making it suitable for the month of January. The Maldives are distinguished by its wonderful beaches and luxurious resorts, and tourists love it for its tranquility and romantic ambiance.
The Cape Verde Islands

The Cape Verde Islands are located off the western coast of the African continent and it is considered one of the wonderful destinations in the region, where in recent years thousands of tourists have been looking for stunning landscapes and relaxing in the warm sunlight. The Cape Verde Islands are an ideal destination for January, when the weather is warm and beautiful.
Hong Kong
Hong Kong is among the top tourist destinations in Asia and can be visited all year round, making it suitable in January and considered an ideal destination for families, couples and youth. Hong Kong has many great landmarks, historical monuments and entertainment, and it is a great destination for shopping and dining, as it has world-class restaurants run by the most famous international chefs.