Beauty of morocco

     Morocco, “kingdom of morocco” It’s an Arabic state located in north Africa, it’s a kingdom rich of culture and civilization, A kingdom that accepts tourisms from all the world.
 All the people that visited morocco, must been visited the best cities in Morocco. And it goes like this.

1.Marrakech:  “jamaa el fna”
 Marrakech is a city knowned by jamaa el Fna, everywhere you look in there you will find people in circles, those circles named “halqa”, it’s a kind of street theatre. the people reunited at the halqa and they listen to the one who tell the stories. Bad, good and true stories, they also reunited for playing games, sharing challenges or watching snakes dancing or flutes soundtracks.

The blue world of water, all the city is painted with blue and white colors, it’s special by those red roofs two, this city is all like a mountain full of stairs, everywhere you stopped you’ll find sources of water. AT night it changes absolutely and all the city tumbles down with beautiful lights.

Erfoud, Rissani, Khemliya, Merzouga, Ouarzazate, Zagora, Mhamid, Nkob, Smara and El Ayoun.
we invite you to try the most beautiful experience ever, I invite you to know about the richesse of morocco those cities are the best examples to show you Culture, mysteries, Romance and history.
Desert has many charming views wich you can find cases, animals and wilds .For me when I visit one of those cities I feel like I’m in the heart of Morocco, I feel so happy for visiting attractive places like that, and everytime I want to relax and take some rest, I prefer to travel and left everything behind me, because the world is just like a book if you travel you will see, you will know and you will learn.

4.El jebha:
It’s a city located in the limits of the RIF, named also Puerto Capaz.