5 weirdest roads in the world

5 – Stelvio Pass: Italy

The weirder the road the more thrills it can offer a driver which is why we’ve checked out this assortment of crazy roads. Some twists up and downhill, others take the driver way too close to the edge of some canyon or mountain, and others are odd man-made ribbons of tarmac that make you wonder what the designer was thinking of.

The first one on our list is a really challenging piece of tarmac that winds up the hillside of the Stelvio Pass in the Eastern Alps. This road is 9,000 feet above sea level but that’s not what’s weird about it. There are 70 hairpins turns on this twisting, torturous path which will test even the very best driver. This is the highest paved mountain pass in the Eastern Alps so you’ll need a head for heights whether you’re driving or coming along as a passenger. At one time, this was the border of the Kingdom of Italy and the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and we can see why. It wouldn’t have a very hard border to protect given how hard it is to navigate when no one’s trying to stop you.

4 – Hanshin Expressway: Japan

Look at this one. The Hanshin Expressway really does travel through a building. Can you believe that? Only in Japan, right? The Hanshin Expressway goes right through the Gate Tower Building in Osaka, Japan, occupying three floors of the 16-floor building. Workers in the building don’t notice a thing though because the road doesn’t connect directly with the building, it just goes through it, using the building rather like a tunnel.

3 – Baldwin Street: New Zealand

You won’t need a car to enjoy Baldwin Street in Dunedin, New Zealand, a skateboard would do the job. This road is weird because of the gradient it’s built on. The gradient is so harsh that the surface is made of concrete rather than asphalt, that’s because the tar in asphalt would trickle downhill on a hot day.

Although this road looks fun to drive on or skate on or ride on, can you imagine living there? Even mowing the lawn would be a hassle and where would you put your wheelie bins? Surely, they’d roll off if you left them at the wrong angle.

2 – Lombard Street: California, USA

San Francisco is known for roads with massive inclines, sharp turns and crooked corners and we reckon Lombard Street is the weirdest of them all. This piece of road has switchback after switchback which combine to make 8 very tricky corners. Just what you want if you’re driving a typical American car with its wide bodywork, poor suspension settings and high-revving engine.

1 – The Atlantic Road: Norway

The Atlantic Road, which is known locally as “Atlanterhavsveien” is a beautiful coastal road in Norway. This is a picturesque road from which the ocean can be viewed but its main purpose isn’t to showcase the coast, it was designed to link small islands. Over the course of the road’s 5-mile length, drivers go up and down and left and right so often that they’ll start imagining that they’re on a roller-coaster.